LEGACY Horse Mineral & Vitamin Supplement Pellets
Legacy Premium Horse Feed

Feeding Instructions: This highly fortified vitamin, mineral supplement is designed to be mixed into the regular grain ration of horses: 

Foals/Yearlings at 200 grams/day (approx. 1.5 cups)  
Mature Horses at 350 grams/day (approx. 2.25 cups)

Features Benefits
- high levels of minerals and vitamins (including B-complex vitamins) - allows convenient supplementation of these nutrients during heavy work or stress periods and to the fast growing foal
- palatable
- added selenium - supplements selenium deficient grains and forages
- formulated with yeast culture - has been shown to improve growth rate, stamina and fibre digestion
- added biotin - beneficial for hoof health
- contains organic trace minerals - an efficiently absorbed form of minerals


Guaranteed Analysis
Vitamin A (min) 240,000 i.u./kg Calcium (actual) 2.5 %
Vitamin D3 (min) 31,000 i.u./kg Phosphorus (actual) 1.25  %
Vitamin E (min) 1,150 i.u./kg Sodium (actual) 2 %
Vitamin K (min) 50 mg/kg Potassium (actual) 0.9 %
Thiamine (min) 55 mg/kg Sulfur (actual) 0.23 %
Riboflavin (min) 150 mg/kg Magnesium (actual) 0.21 %
Vitamin B12 (min) 520 mcg/kg Iron (actual) 900 mg/kg
Folic Acid (min) 28 mg/kg Copper (actual) 520 mg/kg
Pantothenic Acid (min) 440 mg/kg Zinc (actual) 1,600 mg/kg
Niacin (min) 900 mg/kg Iodine (actual) 17 mg/kg
Choline (min) 4,910 mg/kg Cobalt (actual) 16.5 mg/kg
Pyridoxine (min)

40 mg/kg

Manganese (actual) 960 mg/kg

This feed contains added selenium 3 mg/kg