Coop Tender Beef - 
Beefing Up Atlantic Canada at Home

Atlantic Tender Beef Classic Co-op Atlantic has joined forces with Maritime beef producers to promote beef raised in this region. This has been done successfully in many markets in North America. We have a beef industry in Atlantic Canada that should be promoted, indeed, needs to be promoted! A line of branded fresh beef is being raised specifically to meet consumer preferences of smaller cuts, flavour and tenderness. The Co-op Tender Beef, is an exclusive product of the Co-op retail grocery stores.

We know that Maritime producers have the genetics and the know-how to meet this challenge. We believe that by working together, with producers, feed companies, retailers, and processors, we can deliver an outstanding tasty, high quality and consistent product. Feeding requirements and strict handling requirements will be part of this program.


How it works:

The branded beef program will guarantee the following to consumers:

  • Cattle will be raised on the scenic rolling hills and the fresh air of Atlantic
  • Cattle will be of grade AA or AAA.
  • Cattle will be fed a high grain diet.
  • Cattle will be dressed at smaller carcass weights.
  • Cattle will be handled following strict safety guidelines of HACCP (Hazard
    Analysis Critical Control Point).


If you are a beef producer and wish further information on our branded beef protocols, please contact one of our Co-op Farm & Feed Sales Representative at:

New Brunswick - Co-op Moncton Feed Mill: 1-800-561-7980

Nova Scotia - Co-op Truro Feed Mill: 1-800-565-FEED
                     - Co-op New Minas Feed Mill: 1-800-668-6124

Prince Edward Island - (902) 853-5363


If you are a consumer and wish further information, please contact us directly.